Why You should have a Virtual Machine in the Cloud

Dropbox lets users access there files from anywhere and on any machine. Google Chrome lets users have their customized browser from any machine. By customized, I mean that it saves the settings, favorites, history, and saved passwords. The internet made it possible for people to feel that any computer is their personal computer. However, there is still one piece missing. Even though our files and preferences are shared everywhere, we know that we are not using our same computer when we go to the library or somewhere else. By having a virtual machine in the cloud, we will be able to use our computer from any machine. This is only one of the many reasons to get your private virtual machine.

Reason 1: No need to carry a computer

Everyone agrees that carrying a computer can be a hassle. Whether you are at the airport or walking alone at night, your physical computer is a trouble. By having a virtual machine in the cloud, you do not need to carry your computer because you can reach it from any machine that is connected to the internet.

Reason 2: It is always on, and it works fine

If you have ever tried serving a website from your home computer, you know how bad it is to keep it running 24/7. This can cause the computer to wear down, the fan gets louder over time, your internet connection slows down, and your family members complain a lot. With a cloud instance, all the maintenace is taken care of by the service provider. You can use the machine to serve as many websites as you want, make money out of it, and never get bothered.

Reason 3: If you can program, then you can…

  1. Track all your device locations from anywhere, If any of your devices is stolen, just make it ping your virtual machine and send the device’s location to the cops.
  2. Create a home controller that lets you do anything with your home from anywhere.
  3. Develop POS systems for your neighborhood grocery for as cheap as $5/month.
  4. Rule the World!

Next Steps

If you are convinced by now, don’t stop here. Take a look at the following cloud hosting providers and take action.

Digital Ocean: Simple cloud hosting on Sold-State Drives.

Amazon EC2: Advanced cloud computing service that comes along with tools to handle web applications, databases, storage, and more.