Back to Tech

After a hell of a summer, life went back to its usual route. School starts today, and my first class starts after less than 30 minutes. This semester, I am fresher and more enthusiastic about school than I had ever been. The way I spent summer is the main reason I feel so energetic now.

Right after spring semester ended, I went on a short excursion to Florida with a couple of high school friends. Swimming at the crystal-clear Clearwater beach, running into the wild at Busch Gardens, and going back to childhood and Disney World brought back the adrenaline into my bloodstream.

I spent the next week with my family in Saudi Arabia. To me, Saudi Arabia is one of the best places to study. When I am Saudi Arabia, especially in summer when none of my friends are there, I get bored. Boredom ignites creativity. When I sit home bored and lazy, I realize that I can spend my time doing something better than lying at the sofa. Eventually, I find myself at EdX scrolling through the classes.

The next couple of weeks, I spent them in Lebanon. Saudi Arabia has the best learning environment. Lebanon has the worst. Internet is always slow. You do not know when will the electricity go off. Motorcycles, cars, and people are all cheering for their favorite World Cup teams at the top of their voices. The upbeat lifestyle is fun right after leaving the quiet KSA and USA, but it is definitely not my study environment.

After the fun and war excitement of Lebanon, I went back to Saudi Arabia for a week and then came back to the United States.

In the United States, I worked full-time at BrainJocks for the next 6 weeks. In these weeks, I learned more about building complex digital systems than I had ever learned in school. Test-Driven Development, Unit Testing, Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control, and ASP.NET MVC are just a little of what I learned about.

The professor is here now. I need to stop typing and focus on lecture. Oh, actually she is playing some techno before lecture. This semester is gonna be amazing!