My Internship at BrainJocks

On January 2nd of this year, I had the pleasure of being accepted for an internship at BrainJocks. BrainJocks is a small company of around 25 dedicated employees who work hard to build beautiful websites for enterprises. The Content Management System that we use is Sitecore, but I did not have the chance to use it yet. For applications, the company uses whatever best solves the problem.

In the projects that I work on, I use ASP.NET MVC to build an application hosted on the Azure Cloud. The best quality that I find in BrainJocks is the freedom it gives its interns. I, as an intern, not only get to learn the cutting-edge tools used in the industry, but I also get the chance to apply them into the company’s projects. For instance, one of the tools that I introduced to the company is Azure Media Services, which handles video processing and streaming to large-scale applications. Even though this can be tedious, it is extremely rewarding to see the team approve my plans and add it into our workflow.

I built a simple impress.js presentation about my experience as an Intern. Check the presentation now and apply immediately if you get a positive impression.