Coding on a Tablet

Yesterday, the first day of finals, my computer decided to stop functioning. Since most of my finals are in Computer Science classes, I had to be able to program to study. The only devices I have in hand are my smartphone and my tablet. What can I do?

I chose to try the tablet since it had a bigger screen. Of course, iOS does not give me any freedom. So, how do I overcome that? I remembered my cloud Ubuntu virtual machine. If I could only access my server’s shell, I can run emacs to edit code and compile all my Java programs from the command line. I did a Google search and stumbled upon a nifty tool called Serverauditor. This is my SSH client to freedom.


Using Serverauditor, I was able to both practice for my data structures final and write this blog post. As I do that, I continue to believe the saying, “if there is a will, there is a way.”