RTP Customs

RTP Customs

RTP Customs is a wheel repair shop based in Acworth, Georgia. Before I worked with them, they did not have an online presence. I built their website on WordPress and wrote a custom theme and plugins to help them manage the website on their own. After building their website, I worked on Search Engine Optimization. I helped them become the highest ranked page on Google Places and the second highest ranked page on Google Search for the search term, “Wheel repair in Acworth”.


gt-webdev gt-webdev is Georgia Tech’s web development student organization. During my time as technical officer and president of the club, I led the development of the organization’s website, grew its Youtube channel from having 2 videos to having 13 videos, and helped grow its Facebook page from having 270 likes to having 549 likes.


Diclopedia Diclopedia is an Android app that let’s you search for a term in a variety of dictionaries, thesauri, or encyclodias. I created this app when I was in high school to help me prepare for the SAT. After a year, I received my first paycheck from Google, and I realized that the number of users grew from 100 to over 20,000 without any effort from me. I added new features that users were asking for, like history and suggestions. Today, the app has more than 40,000 active users.